Crazy, Sexy, Cool Item Reviews!!
  • The Chemist
    The Chemist
    by Stephenie Meyer

    I love this book. It is a mix of Jason Bourne and Hunger Games! Must Read!

  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay

    Alright, the new fall NAKED Palette is my SEXY for the week!!! All the natural, neutral colors are in the palette and it is so awesome!!!

  • Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay

    I've had this COOL pallete since it came out and I have created so much awesomeness with it!

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Life Update!

I am writing because I have not written any personal blogs lately. It is mainly due to the huge blessings work wise. It has been a crazy couple of months, with appointments and events happening that I barely have time for many personal stuff.

The Premiere Orlando just passed and it brought several innovations in the beauty industry. Number one on my list is the AX Cosmeceuticals with their Stem Cell technology. It was amazing to talk to the reps and I got some information regarding the hair growth and skin rejuvenating products that uses Stem Cell activating ingredients.

Some products of AX Cosmeceutical Phyto Stem Technology.


After the show we went to Universal Studios City Walk and had lunch at Bubba Gumps. Delicious binge was necessary because I have been crazy dieting.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of weddings this month and some booked in the future. Bridal season is here in Florida and I have to be mentally prepared for the Bridezillas that may come my way! Fun! It really takes strong and relentless patience to deal with events such as weddings. Being a make up artist does give you a little bit of advantage of having control over certain things.

For my lashes I have updated my LASH arsenal with .15 thickness from using a .20, due to the summer heat. I noticed, using a .20 can be heavy and a bit uncomfortable with the long term wear of the lashes. People who come to me will expect a change in comfort, for the better, I suppose. I also believe that with the .15 the duration should be longer.

I am also planning on moving shops. I have no idea which one will get approved but I will let everyone know if the decision has been made.

That is it, and so far I have been keeping a strong faith because it is needed. Our life can be tough and unpredictable. Have a wonderful and blessed life!



Update: Eyelash Extensions in Fort Myers & Southwest Florida

The eyelash extensions and the adhesive we use are 100% Formaldehyde-Free and also Latex-free

The adhesive is FDA registered and approved, and we use several brands of eyelash extension hairs.

We are the premier Eyelash Extension place in Fort Myers, and Southwest Florida, servicing 70-100 clients weekly on just eyelashes!

If there is any questions and MSDS sheet requirements please contact us at:

10970 S Cleveland Avenue #408
Ft. Myers, FL
‎ 33907
(239) 850 4976
(347) 450 LASH



Eyelash Extensions After Care

There are several things that need to be careful about when someone has eyelash extensions.

To be able to make them last for a while, please follow this guide:


1. The first 24 hours of the application or a refill, avoid water. If shower is needed, then use cold water because heated water and steam causes the adhesive to expand and lose their bonding ability. Waiting until the adhesive fully bonds with the eyelashes, ensures the durability.

2. Sleeping habits are a major factor for the duration of the lashes. Sleeping on one side or sleeping face down are not good for your extensions. If its hard for someone to adjust their sleeping patterns, use a silk or a satin pillow case, so the friction is lessened.

3. Oil based products are a huge negative factor for the eyelash extensions. Oil makes the adhesive weak and also allows the hair to slide out of bonding. Using these oil-free products like, make up remover, mascara, eyeliner are advised if its needed.

4. Touch ups are needed every 3 to 5 weeks. During the beginning of the times when someone gets extensions, it is pretty common for the client to come in atleast 2 weeks for fills.


Please call 239 850 4976 for refill appointments. We are located at BLINK AESTHETICS, the premier eyelash extension place in Southwest Florida.

If there are any questions please call us.

-Jerome Infantado, Eyelash Extensions Specialist


Dropping By Something Nice :)

Charice - Louder

Really positive song that ya'll should hear. :)


The Brow Boutique - February Schedule

Since I am leaving to go to Asia for around 3 weeks.. The clinic is still going to function as normal.

Please call 239 850 4976 for appointments. The text will not be recieved however, it will probably arrive to my cell phone when I get back on the 27th.

I will be resuming my regular appoinments at 28th Tuesday of February.

My assistant will be working the clinic for the duration of my vacation. Thank you again!

I am leaving February 9, so schedule anything between now (01/29/2012) to Feb 8!!