Crazy, Sexy, Cool Item Reviews!!
  • The Chemist
    The Chemist
    by Stephenie Meyer

    I love this book. It is a mix of Jason Bourne and Hunger Games! Must Read!

  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay

    Alright, the new fall NAKED Palette is my SEXY for the week!!! All the natural, neutral colors are in the palette and it is so awesome!!!

  • Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay

    I've had this COOL pallete since it came out and I have created so much awesomeness with it!

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An Open Letter To You My Friend

I had recently left an emotionally abusive relationship. After 10 months of upsetting roller coaster ride, lies, delusions, and insecurities, I had to let it go. As much as there was chemistry there was also poison. I knew that if I stayed my entire morals was slowly being eroded and eventually would falter. For the first few weeks I had departed, my heart seemed heavy and I longed for the comfort of being with someone that was close and familiar. This was the only relationship I knew. I couldn't help but feel alone. Somewhere along the way, I met people that made me feel important. People who showed me that there is love, not as in romantic love but a love that is full of friendship and hope. It was a form of people that made me feel like I deserved better. Simple acts of kindness, words, and companionship that ignites that light inside that was almost extinguished. Slowly I began to smile, and capture tiny moments that is more important than crying. Quality time with people who mattered began to shadow the dark emotions. Each day was better than the days before. I was finding peace through love. Love was a word I hated after a heartbreak, but love was the only cure. The end of my relationship was the beginning of positive changes in my life. I am writing this to you, one of the people whom God has blessed me with, one whom I am grateful for, one whom I cherish as a true friend. Thank you.



New Year, New Bitch

Some of you don't know what a bitch is. Majority of you, probably take this word as very negative. Back then, being a bitch was taken as an insult. Nowadays, new bitch is not mean, a nag or a psycho. She is not the typical good girl, because she wont let hherself get taken advantage of. Here are some examples of how a bitch handles herself.


The Nag - She complaints how he leaves his dirty socks on the floor and why he can't walk 10 steps to the closet and put his clothes in the hamper.

The Bitch - She gets a hamper without a lid and place it right by his favorite spot where he leaves his dirty laundry.


The Pushover - She'll drive over to his place, make his dinner, and clean up because he said he wants to see her, but doesn't have time to go out on a date and that he doesn't even have time to clean his place.

The Bitch - She would jokingly tell him not to forget to scrub the toilet real good, then go have dinner and drinks with her friends.


The Psycho - She tells him that she'll cut herself if he ever breaks up with her.

The Bitch - She is confident about her self-worth. If he leaves, then it's his loss.


The New Bitch is smart and confident. She handles her business and will not let anyone bring her down. She's not that nagging psycho bitch that you used to know. She's a "Babe In Total Control of Herself." Next time you get called a bitch, take it as a compliment!     




How to Make Her Quit Her Bitching

Dating a bitch? Im gonna give you 5 rule of thumbs and if you mess it up, then you're a dumbass.

There are 5 things that keeps your lil hooch happy. Compliments, helping her with whatever she needs, quality time, non sexual touching, and ,of course, gifts! Note that some girls like one more than the other.

Lets break this down one by one.

#1 Compliment Your Bitch

Most of you boys know this. Little flattery goes a long way. Tell her that she has a gorgeous smile, a nice ass, and that her she cooks the best bowl of ramen noodles. Pretty girls know that they're pretty but it's nice to be reminded. Also compliment something besides her looks.

#2 Be Useful to Your Bitch

Get your lazy butt off the couch and wash the dishes, fold the laundry, run her errands, take Mr. Fluffy to the groomers, mop the floor, make her breakfast, take the trash out. Damn I like this one. Nothing is sexier than a man who's doing house work.

#3 Spend Some Quality Time With Your Bitch

Pay attention to this one. Quality Time isn't just being in the same room together. It's the moments when you actually talk and get to know each other. People change all the time. If you spend quality time, this will help you grow together instead of growing apart. This is why couples should never ever stop dating each other.

#4 Touchy Feely Without Being Sleezy

Women loves sex just as much as men do, but we need to be held in non-sexual ways also. We like to be hugged, have our hands held, cuddle, and massages that doesn't lead to sex. Last thing you want to do is make a girl feel like a piece of ass, or you get no ass.

#5 Shower Your Bitch With Gifts

This area always confused me because I was never a gift kinda girl. However all of the girls in my family are. They're the easiest people to buy christmas/birthday presents for. Some girls just really love gifts. Find out what the girl likes and get it for her. Look, we're not like boys. We DONT need one each! The more options, the better!!!! So what if we already have 20 handbags, we want more damnit! (If you are just bad at picking gifts, then take the bitch shopping)


There you go kids! 5 things that keeps your get your bitch to quit her yapping. 4 out 5 doesn't even cost you a penny. You should be able to do those 4 on a regular basis. The gift thing you should be able to do. If you can't, then you have no business dating this bitch. What you need to do is to downgrade. Get yourself a chunky skank ho because she'll take either way and still love your broke ass.

Until Next Time.