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  • The Chemist
    The Chemist
    by Stephenie Meyer

    I love this book. It is a mix of Jason Bourne and Hunger Games! Must Read!

  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay

    Alright, the new fall NAKED Palette is my SEXY for the week!!! All the natural, neutral colors are in the palette and it is so awesome!!!

  • Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay

    I've had this COOL pallete since it came out and I have created so much awesomeness with it!

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My Final Fantasy XIII Review

With all the hype about the game itself, the 13th series of the popular Final Fantasy by Square Enix, is perplexed with positive and negative reviews.

I recently got a hold of this game, and I must say the graphics are awesome. The game always gets me excited, when the CG cinematics play. It is so amazing how it's detailed down to the very last hair strand.

Gameplay otherwise failed to impress me, due to the battle system and the confusing combat and power grids. (Yes I can be slow at times lol) Learning to use these complex systems is the key to completing the game with ease. I didn't know how to use the "Paradigm" thingie at first, but when I found out that it can be switched simultaneously and grant me different combat options, it then made the whole thing understandable.

I suppose the story is great, however, the part where I have to play different characters all the time is a little bit irritating. I am a person that only focuses on one character. Even when I play MMO's I rarely make alts and just play one toon. Although I understand that it makes the story have more depth when the player can get to know the main characters of the story.

In addition, what the hell is with the annoying repetitions of l'Cie, Pulse l'Cie, Fal'Cie....  I can only take so much of those words. Why can't they just make a normal sounding words?


However, even for the old and the new Final Fantasy fans, I do recommend to try and purchase Final Fantasy XIII, just for the experience and fun of it. Check it out on the side panel if you wish to purchase it through

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