Crazy, Sexy, Cool Item Reviews!!
  • The Chemist
    The Chemist
    by Stephenie Meyer

    I love this book. It is a mix of Jason Bourne and Hunger Games! Must Read!

  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay

    Alright, the new fall NAKED Palette is my SEXY for the week!!! All the natural, neutral colors are in the palette and it is so awesome!!!

  • Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay

    I've had this COOL pallete since it came out and I have created so much awesomeness with it!

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50 reasons to have it. go figure!

photo from: How I met Your Mother, Season 4, Episode 9.

One of the best HIMYM Episodes, "The Naked Man" was rated superb in an official episode guide! It was impresingly hilarious and the picture above is a memorabilia that Lily (Alyson Hannigan's character), together with the other 4 characters, stuggled to fill due to a Marshall's only-love-for-sex challenge.

This one's two thumbs up. :D


Another Shot of Espresso

Click Here To get another SHOT. Butch once again has a tale of infinite proportions or maybe just a rant.


Make Up Shoot - April

We decided to do a last minute shoot. The idea came out and just played with the colors of winter grasp! Icy and cold, just blue hues and alot of white. Check out the Gallery for the Full Picture.



Espresso Corner

Check out the New! ESPRESSO CORNER!

It's anything but everything that is interesting! This week's article is about Dating and Recession!!


w-e-d-g-e it!!

this is a sucker!!!

[x] peep-toed
[x] wedge
[x] below $60 ($48 at
[x] retro-ish
[x] Asian
[x] 3" below (this one's 3" exactly)

woah!! nice this, right?