Crazy, Sexy, Cool Item Reviews!!
  • The Chemist
    The Chemist
    by Stephenie Meyer

    I love this book. It is a mix of Jason Bourne and Hunger Games! Must Read!

  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Urban Decay

    Alright, the new fall NAKED Palette is my SEXY for the week!!! All the natural, neutral colors are in the palette and it is so awesome!!!

  • Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
    Urban Decay

    I've had this COOL pallete since it came out and I have created so much awesomeness with it!

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South Beach Again...

September 12 is the set date. We will just be getting drunk so no business there besides that.



Flawless Skin in 3 Steps!

I cannot stress about the importance of skin hygiene. It is a the key to aging gracefully, and maintaining a healthy appearance.

As a licensed Skin Care Therapist, I have met alot of people who are struggling with problem skin. Many people don't listen and try to ignore this very crucial detail. In some instances, they try to deny that they have bad skin, and apparently they make excuses of about the time and money they spend on useless products.

Pro-active has become a popular product, although it doens't guarantee perfect skin to some, their success is due to a significant 3 step program. Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing, are the steps that needed to be taken. It doesn't have to be a specific product. Regular generic items can be purchased and used, and it will act the same as the leading skin care products.

First step, is cleansing. Soaps, foaming, creamy cleansers are the options. However, many people do not clean the skin properly, so I suggest cleansing twice in a session. After applying and massaging cleanser to the skin, wash it with water, and re-cleanse the skin again.

This way the skin is cleansed properly and it sometimes becomes a beneficial act of gentle exfoliation.

Second step is the toning. But what is a toner? A Toner is a solution of water and alcohol. It can be categorized as an astringent if the solution has 40-60% of alcohol, a toner is if 20-30% of alcohol, or a freshener if it has less than 10% of alcohol. I recommend using a spray bottle to gently drizzle the toner on the skin.

Now, toner's job is to restore the skin's pH balance meaning the acidity back to the norm. It also closes the pores and places moisture to the skin. Most people skip this and after cleansing they just put the moisturizer on which is bad. Since, the skin has been cleansed its pores are open and if an emollient is placed there, the oils from the moisturizer can clog the skin. It has to be closed and the pH restored for it to be ok.

Last step is moisturizing. Apply the moisturizer to the skin, but make sure the hands are clean before applying it. This step is crucial because, applying this means sealing the skin. If we tone properly, the hydration effect of the water in the toner will get inside the pores and the sealing process is complete.

Think of it as a wound, if we do not seal it well it will be infected.

The following are mistakes people make:

-Overwashing can produce oilyness. When the skin produces oil, and we wash it, the skin will produce extra oil because it felt like there is not enough oil.

-Same as above, over moisturizing can produce dryness of skin also.

-Acne can come from bad hygiene, stress, environment, diet, hormones, and many other factors. Many people suffer from the stuff listed above but it is important to know what causes their problem skin.

-Listen when someone gives advice and acne seasons does not exist. If someone gets an acne at winter that must mean that the pores are always closed and it keeps the dirt in. Follow the steps I mentioned and it should help.

If acne persists then ask the doctor.



How to become a Social Butterfly! (Part 1)

I know I have been neglecting this site, so I decided to write this random topic. (I am writing what's on  my mind, so I apologize for any typos and grammatical errors.)

Watching alot of people in a profession where there is countless of intersections and interaction, the airport of course, made me realize the amount of conversation I do in my job.

On the firsthand, I worked as a sales person and my job was to get someone's attention and trust, within 5 minutes while I sell them air. Professional or not, with the tips and advice I can share with ya'll, anyone can become a social butterfly!

This will be the first of the many entries I will write because there is alot of things to cover.

However, I better get started on the first topic.


The way people look affects about 70% of an interaction. From my experience and as a licensed Esthetician, the first impression rules a very important key. In other situations, the more un-intimidating the person looks the more he can get someone's trust. Although, pharmaceutical reps have to dress hot so they can get the doctor to prescribe their drugs more often.

I understand it is a much more open world, however, I still think the better looking you are the more it will help with the interactions.

SO... shopping for decent clothes, practicing proper hygiene, grooming (hair, skin, nails), the teeth is also another factor because it affects the smile, watching the weight and basically taking care of one's self is priority, if someone is in need to become a social butterfly!

I am going on a rant here but there are many people who suffer from neglecting the things I mentioned and apparently, cost them on the meeting people department.

If in need of any opinions at all, please email me or consult a good friend that you think is attractive. It might sound shallow but life is not easy. Bodybuilders, models, and many appearance based professions have to do hard work. It is their full time job, spending hours in gyms, or mirrors, is the priority. The sweat and blood they pour doesn't make them vain but makes them a hard worker.




Wow! It has been one of the best places I've ever visited. People are so friendly! I think I want to move here. Maui is a must visit!




I Guess Hawaii?


On August 17, Maui is going to be visited! I guess it will be great, although they said there will be no whales this season, because they are probably breeding in the arctic.

Maui is an island located close to the BIG Island. It is said to have the best beach. I suppose it is time for me to check it out. I grew up in Mindoro and Florida where beaches are weird.